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Fixed Returns

Depending on your investment amount, you will receive up to 200% returns.

Earn With Friends

Invite your friends and earn a part of their investments! Earn together with OTAR COINS LIMITED!

Multiple Methods

Invest in the most comfortable way. You can choose from several payment methods for deposit & withdrawals!

Real Company

OTAR COINS is operated by: OTAR COINS LIMITED is UK registered Company.

Military Grade Security

We are using SSL encryption to keep all personal data safe! It's safe to register with OTAR COINS LIMITED.

DDoS Protected

All of our dedicated servers are DDoS Protected by CloudFlare. Our servers are hacker-proof!

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Thousands of lines of a code developed with jewelry accuracy this is what makes our company a leader in the world of cloud-based mining. Mining cryptocurrencies has never been so easy. And it concerns not only bitcoins, but also many other cryptocurrencies, which are no less prospect. We, mining experts with many years of work experience, started our work back when bitcoin cost mere kopecks. Our algorithms are time-tested and developed along with the cryptoindustry from the very beginning. If you need a reliable partner in the world of bitcoin mining, you have come to the right place!

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Looks Amazing Investment Offer

Regular Plan


Bonus 10 usd

Min : $10

Max : $199

Instant Payments


Advanced Plan


Instant Bonus 2%

Min : $200

Max : $599

Instant Payments


Gold Plan


Instant Bonus 3%

Min : $600

Max : $1199

Instant Payments


Premium Plan


Instant Bonus 4%

Min : $1200

Max : $1599

Instant Payments


Diamond Plan


Instant Bonus 10%

Min : $1600

Max : $150000

Instant Payments


We Believe in Standards

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Last investments

bitclud $120.00
Marc71 $10.00
johny $59.00
abiize $10.00
naazimaltaf $50.00
OAEMustafa $53.00
Nazimus564 $57.00
zeesh121212 $10.00
yuvasir54 $1050.00
sarozzi $65.00

Last withdrawal

vizitor $500.00
wernando $89.75
regtvey $41.25
Nemiroff $102.15
misterX $50.14
Olqa70 $64.23
jamayka77 $33.63
Svetlana $53.28
TEKSON $34.57
rommi123 $102.14

Bounty Program

Affiliate Programs

Participate in our three-level referral program and provide yourself with additional income by inviting new investors on the site. Share your link and get 7% of deposits of those who have followed it, registered and made the first deposit. Also, you get 2% of deposits of those who were invited by your friends and 1% from the third level of the system.

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